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Omni badge Mac OS 9

Alphascript Publishing (2010-12-13) - ISBN-13: 978-613-3-61415-4

34.00 €
Omni badge Effectiveness of Tracing in a Multicore Environment

A performance evaluation of LTTng's Kernel Space and User Space Trace primitives

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2011-07-19) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8454-0938-2

59.00 €
Omni badge Improving The Controlling System of A Finger Simulator

Research work has been performed on the lab facilities of Biomedical Engineering Department at Newcastle University, UK

Scholars' Press (2017-12-01) - ISBN-13: 978-620-2-30379-8

45.90 €
Omni badge A Virtual / Augmented Reality System with Kinaesthetic Feedback

Virtual Environment with Force Feedback System

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2012-06-12) - ISBN-13: 978-3-659-15107-1

79.00 €
Omni badge Multitouch Draw A Secret

An Implementation of a Multi-Touch Draw-A-Secret Password Schema for Windows-Based Computers

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2011-12-07) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8473-0981-9

49.00 €
Omni badge A critical evaluation of NRW using IS/IT

Use of water balance concept and IS/IT strategy in addressing NRW in water industry

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2013-02-21) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8465-4120-3

59.00 €
Omni badge Test Your Linux Skills - A Quick Command Reference for Interviews

Question Answer session that kindles your interest

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2013-02-04) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8473-0854-6

49.00 €
Omni badge ChunkFS: A Recovery-Driven File System Design Approach

Improve the file system recovery time.

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2011-11-03) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8465-1438-2

49.00 €



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