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The Energiewende - Finally realistic!

How the pebble-bed oven can make the energy turnaround a success

Our Knowledge Publishing (2020-07-22 )

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The year is 2020 and the energy revolution has so far cost around 1 trillion euros. Some people call it "investment". CO2 emissions have hardly been affected, and the climate certainly not. Because of the nuclear phase-out, more coal is being converted into electricity. Green electricity capacities are almost the same size as coal-fired power stations - they don't do anything in the dark. Abroad we are no longer the climate protectors, but rather dreamers and dirty finches. Financially, we have the highest electricity prices in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people are cut off from electricity every year because they cannot pay for it. Companies have moved their plants to other countries. Unknown are the investments that have not even been made. A gigantic redistribution from bottom to top is underway. One minister estimates that another trillion is needed. Another already saw the energy turnaround as a failure. Things have gone quiet around the climate chancellor, but there is a way to turn things around. It is long, because we have neglected green nuclear energy for 40 years. In China, they picked up the baton. We can continue it, even in our country.
Our Knowledge Publishing
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Jochen K. Michels
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Aquecimento, - tecnologia de energia e estação de energia
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Energy, energy turnaround, nuclear, HTR high temperature, ball bed, decentralized energy, China, Schulten, Jülich, Heisenberg, inherent safety, repositories, electricity costs, transmission lines, power lines, green reactors

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