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Trust Conar

Analysis and Development of the 2017 Institutional Campaign of the National Council for Self-Regulation in Advertising

Our Knowledge Publishing (06.05.2021 )

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This book aimed to analyze the relationship of the National Council of Advertising Self-Regulation (Conar) with civil society, in the role of representing and defending it against the advertising market. Through the 2017 Institutional Campaign, which came to be judged by the body itself, the reaction of internet users, news media and the rapporteurs of the case was evaluated, observing how the institution has positioned itself in relation to growing debates, making use of its role as a self-regulatory body and one of those responsible for ensuring ethics in advertising. To ground the study, the history, structure and function of the institution was researched, with emphasis on the presence of civil society within the body. We also observed the language used by the entity to defend particular points of view, such as the guarantee of freedom of expression and the use of humor in advertising creations. It was concluded through these studies that most users disapproved of the campaign on social networks and that there are flaws in the expression of civil society in Conar, pointing to some weakness of the body in representing the population over commercial interests.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Carolyna Paiva
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Pubblicità, Marketing
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communication, advertising, Self-Regulation, ethics, Freedom of Expression, Conar

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