Copertina di Trauma Recovery for IDPs in Kenya after Post Election Violence 2007/08
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Trauma Recovery for IDPs in Kenya after Post Election Violence 2007/08

Scholars' Press (15.01.2019 )

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Armed conflict and its aftermath impose an enormous burden of psychological and social suffering on affected populations worldwide. At least 100 million Africans have been victims of war,violence, sexual abuse or natural disasters or witnessed horrific acts of terror leading to post conflict post-traumatic stress disorder. Consequently, several lives, property and investment opportunities get lost during this period. Kenya experiences post election violence every five years but the worst occurred in 2007/08; leaving 1,113 people dead and over 650,000 people displaced from their homes. Untreated posttraumatic stress disorder if left untreated; is likely to lead to adverse psychological, medical and social economic damage to the victims, survivors and their significant others. Gitau Trauma Recovery Model which is an adapted and modified version of Virginia Satir’s Model was used and was found to be an effective tool for reducing trauma symptoms, enhancing personal responsibility and enhancing rational thinking among IIDPs. This book is useful for practicing counselors, community health and gender based violence policy makers, mental health and counseling training institutions.
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Scholars' Press
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Susan Gitau
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328,85 R$
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Trauma Healing, Gitau Community Counseling Model, Internally Displaced Persons, Post Election Violence, PTSD

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