Copertina di To Organize Activities of Community-Based Rehabilitation Officials
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To Organize Activities of Community-Based Rehabilitation Officials

The Problems and Measures for Organizing Activities

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (07.03.2017 )

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In community-based rehabilitation (CBR) activities, smooth cooperation of related CBR providers is essential in order to efficiently and effectively provide diverse services to the care recipients. Despite advocating the necessity of this collaboration for many years, why does the care recipients suffer disadvantage in the actual care scene? The first cause of the problem is whether they commonly understand the concept of terms used by professionals. The second question is whether team approach factors such as prompt transmission and centralized management of information, sharing of team support policy, setting of team goals, clarification of role sharing, and recording function. However, the concrete methodology of the cooperation varies depending on the implementing agent and occupation type, and concrete measures that are generally adapted are not proposed. In order to take effective measures, it is the foundation to eliminate a shift in consciousness among professionals with different job types. In this book, we clarify the deviation of their consciousness based on the survey results for each professional about the above-mentioned problem, and discuss the corrective measures.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Hiroaki Morita
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Assistenza, Cure
28,90 €
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Community Based Rehabilitation, Cooperation, Community Care, coordination, Professionals, Service Provider, Teamwork, Specialist Personnel, Obstructing factor, Impeding factor

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