Copertina di The Seven (07) Anointings of the Chosen, Saints and Beloved of God.
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The Seven (07) Anointings of the Chosen, Saints and Beloved of God.

Let us live and walk with God's Anointing,as Children of Light,for Triumph of the World!

Our Knowledge Publishing (18.05.2020 )

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The Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit are well known. The Church of Christ today is facing what I call "the events of the end of the world", and to triumph, the Pilgrims of the Heavenly Jerusalem need Anointing. What is a Disciple of Christ? How do I know if I have been born again? What Work for the Christian? What Anointing to be a Good Servant of God? If the Holy Prophets and Apostles of God were Leaders, how can we imitate them in order to triumph over the World? What is the Ultimate Purpose of our Passage on Earth? Many Pilgrims of the Heavenly Jerusalem are unable to reconcile Authentic Christian Life and Social Life. We are sometimes corrupted by the World; this cools down our Faith and our Relationship with God. A book to discover the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit, in order to reconquer the Powers of Adam and walk in the World as Children of Light. Thanks to this book, you will be able to discover your Divine Mission, the one that God had prepared for you in His Divine Agenda before the Foundation of the World. Be Gentle, Humble and Wise in the Lord!
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Kokoutsè Djissénou
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41,90 €
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Anointings, Chosen, saints, Beloved God

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