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The Right to Education

Dualism In Education - The Rural Urban Education Divide

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (21.07.2011 )

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A well established adage posits that no right exists without a remedy . Education means to train the mind, to teach, to provide schooling for. It is also the process of learning and training, instruction as imparted in schools, colleges and universities: a course or type of instruction, the theory and practice of teaching. Education is generally agreed to be the transforming agent of society. Education is about human development. Be that as it may the right ti education is a human right.Education is imperative to the promotion of human rights. It is both a human right and also an indispensible means of realising other human rights. It is the precondition for the enjoyment of many economic, social and cultural rights; for instance the right to receive higher education on the basis of ability, the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and the right to choose work can only be exercised in a meaningful way after a minimum level of education is reached. Similarly, in the ambit of civil political rights, the freedom of information, the right to vote and the right to equal access to public service depend on a minimum level of education, i.e literacy..
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Ian Mutibwa
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49,00 €
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Law and Education

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