Copertina di The religious phenomenon, seen from here and elsewhere
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The religious phenomenon, seen from here and elsewhere

God, would it be confiscated by religions and religious systems?

Our Knowledge Publishing (24.08.2020 )

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Religions are born of human anxieties placed under the tensions of a void that one would like to fill at all costs in the search for salvation. This existential anguish which pushes the human being to refer to a supra-human Force. It is humans who invented religion. They have done so by starting from their cultures and customs to create cults that they render to God for some, and to the gods for others. Religions would therefore not be of divine origin, but human. Religions have followers in whom the Spirit of God resides. The problem is that no religion connects all the men of the Earth. By connecting some, it automatically sets them against other men whether they are alone or in groups. According to Rev. Dr. MBOULE KONG, Professor at the Baptist Institute of Theological Formation of Ndiki "The finished product essentially wants to satisfy the pedagogical and pastoral requirements (...) Our wish is that the goal desired by the author be achieved and that generations of readers: theologians, pastors, students, Christians and other religious can more quickly and easily understand the substance of each chapter".
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Jean Moïse Mbog Baya
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1.720,93 NT$
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