Copertina di The Effects of Advertising on Brand Equity: A Case Study of Tribune
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The Effects of Advertising on Brand Equity: A Case Study of Tribune

Effects of Advertisement on Brand Equity in Firms: Case Study of NIGERIAN TRIBUNE,a Major National Daily Newspaper.

Scholars' Press (09.10.2014 )

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At the turn of the new millennium the fortunes of Nigerian Tribune dwindled,as the quality of our newspapers deteriorated and many of our customers turned to the recently established newspapers in Nigeria.Tribune's brand value fell drastically, as it could not be accessed by some readers nationwide.We decided to renew NIGERIAN TRIBUNE et al,so that our products’ brand value and perception by the publics would rise again. Hence,we re-positioned our strategy and addressed the brand equity of our firm,by ensuring that companies,individuals and governments at various levels placed their adverts in our dailies.There is a deep interest in the roles of advertisement in revolutionizing brand names, for companies range of products and services offered for sale in the market place. All firms must leverage on utilizing advertising on improving their brands and brand equity. This research work seeks to examine critically the impacts of advertising on brand equity,over a seven year period(2005– 2011), using TRIBUNE as a Case Study. This sound analysis sheds light on the body of literature that exists on the topic and it will be a guide to Marketers,CEOs,Academia,Accountants and every family.
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Scholars' Press
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Olugbenga Ashaolu, Syed Ahmed
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Pubblicità, Marketing
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Marketing, effects, Journalism, advertisement, brands, Advertising Agencies, Brand Equity, NIGERIAN TRIBUNE, Case Studies, Management

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