Copertina di Teenmurthis – Vishnu the Preserver Vol.1
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Teenmurthis – Vishnu the Preserver Vol.1

The Beginning and End of Devas or Aryans

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (10.02.2022 )

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Brahma is the universal panpsychic protoconsciousness field. Earth is inhabited by the intelligent homo neanderthalis, homo sapien and hybrid species. The other planets and galaxies have microbial civilizations. Homo sapiens species do not have archaeal endosymbiosis but have retroviral symbiosis in the genome. Homo sapiens inhabit the African continent and some of them migrated to Europe where they interbred with the neanderthalic species and the hybrid species dominate the Eurasian central landmass. The hybrid species are the Aryans and Vishnu is their king representative. Homo neanderthalis evolved in the Lemurian landmass which included Lemuria, South India and Antarctica. The tsunamis in the Indian ocean destroyed the homo neanderthalic habitation & they migrated to Harappa–Mohenjo-daro and adjacent, Sumeria and the Semitic areas. The homo neanderthalis species of Semites and Shudras has got archaeal endosymbiosis & Shiva is their king representative. The neanderthalic civilization was destroyed by the hybrid Aryan invasion. Global warming, archaeal endosymbiosis & COVID19 infection lead to extinction of sapien population & expansion of COVID19 resistant Neanderthals.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Ravikumar Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Kurup
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Scienze naturali in generale
92,57 £
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Vishnu, Preserver, Aryans, Neanderthal-Sapien hybrids, Teenmurthis

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