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Tablet versus Gamepad

Are tablets on par with gamepads for vehicle control in a 3D game environment?

AV Akademikerverlag (02.02.2016 )

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The strong sales of smartphones and tablet computers since the launch of Apple's iPhone and iPad have led to an increased importance of the smartphone and tablet gadget categories to the gaming industry. New genres have been developed and games in existing genres have been ported to smartphones and tablet computers. Porting a game to another platform can be difficult due to the different input devices and may be, without changes to the game design, not possible at all. The following work will discuss vehicle controls in particular as they are used in the racing and vehicular combat game genre, although they are utilized in other genres too. Racing games have been already developed for this device category with successful and intuitive controls. The aim of this work is to adapt these controls in a test environment; this test environment is implemented as a simple game. The control of this game is developed for gamepad as well as tablet input. In the game, a vehicle is controlled through the respective control method. Furthermore, the player has to deal with challenges which show the potential of the various control method.
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AV Akademikerverlag
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Bernhard Bieder
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49,90 €
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Video Gates, Tablet Computers, Accelerometer, Touchscreen, Comparison Measurement

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