Copertina di Solar Power Recorder
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Solar Power Recorder

A briefly description of Solar Energy

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (10.06.2011 )

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Engineers in all disciplines have a particular obligation towards the integration of development and the environment leading towards sustainable future development.It is essential for engineers to obtain the knowledge on new environmental friendly technologies e.g. renewable energy technology.The future engineers are required to be trained in decision making and to act environmentally sensitive and responsible manner.Solar Energy is one of the most valuable energy in the world .The Fuels have limited source but the resource is decreasing . To reduce this load usage of solar cell is increasing day by day. The purpose of this project to illustrate the process about the implementation of Microcontroller based Solar Power Recorder which uses Solar cell as the input sensor and displays current,voltage,power produced by it simultaneously.This electronic gadget depicts to highlight the importance of a structured process and data collection and analysis method.From the result the project can be efficiently used in Bangladesh.This is completely environment friendly and easy to collect the result.The test results are so far very encouraging.
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VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Hrishikesh Das Gupta
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Tecnologia meccanica, tecnologia di produzione
261,17 R$
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Microcontroller, Solar energy, Programming Languages, solar cell, Interfacing circuit, numerical Analysis

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