Copertina di Social articulation in US-HipHop
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Social articulation in US-HipHop

Communication structure of a social minority

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (24.03.2020 )

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Taking the metaphor of Black CNN as a starting point, which has always been a metaphor, the project attempts to analyze the potential of the musical form of expression of hip hop as a communication structure of the black minority in the USA. After a historical-cultural explanation, which deals with the tradition of reflecting social and political aspects in the different musical expressions of the Black ethnic group in the USA, and which already begins to show the importance of this form of expression in the context of an internal colonialsm, those socio-demographic developments are made comprehensible which are reflected as a central point of criticism in the verbal articulations of hip hop. Against the theoretical background of cultural citizenship - a concept for determining cultural participation in the media society - 25 text examples found in hip hop publications from 1982 to 2004 will be examined for their correspondence with indicators that can be derived from political and social functions attributed to the media. Overseen by Scott La Rock...
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Martin Gansinger
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Media, communicazione
712,86 HK$
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Hip Hop, US hip hop, Media, minority politics, Racism, cultural citizenship, internal colonialism, USA, social minority, communication structure, social articulation

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