Copertina di Oral Dispersible Tablet
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Oral Dispersible Tablet

Formulation Development of Cinnarzine Oral Dispersible Tablet

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (27.11.2013 )

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Many elderly patients find difficulty to swallow tablets or capsules. It is estimated that 50% of the population is affected by this problem which results in a high incidence of incompliance and ineffective therapy for this reason the development of oral dispersible tablets (ODT) or rapidly disintegrating tablets (RDT) have recently interested not only the pharmaceutical industry, but also academia. In order to solve this problem, the development of solid dosage form that disintegrates rapidly or dissolves even when taken orally without the aid of water are being formulated. These dosage forms are known as oral dispersible tablets.The solid ODT dosage form turns into a soft paste or liquid form for easy swallowing, and thus it is free of suffocation risk. Dispersible tablet undergo disaggregation in the mouth when in contact with the saliva in less than 60 seconds, preferably in less than 40 seconds, forming a suspension which is easy to swallow. The drug Cinnarzine was selected because it is antihistaminic category drug and used in the treatment of motion sickness for that fast action is required and that can be fulfilled by ODT
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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M. M. Gupta, Vishal N. Patel
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54,90 €
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Tablet, fast dissolving tablet, Oral Dispersible Tablet, Cinnarzine

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