Copertina di Micronutrient composition of some soils of the Kologrievsky forest reserve
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Micronutrient composition of some soils of the Kologrievsky forest reserve

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Our Knowledge Publishing (22.02.2021 )

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For a correct assessment of the degree of pollution it is necessary to have data on the background content of elements in soils. The studied area is significantly distant from industrial centers. At the same time, the soil cover of the reserve is very similar to the soil cover of the central region. It is also developed on the Moscow moraine. Its main difference from the cover of the central region is low pollution. Besides, soils of the Reserve are poorly studied and this peculiarity causes the interest to study soils of the Reserve from the point of view of behavior of microelements, the content of which does not exceed the background level. It is largely interesting to determine as many chemical elements as possible and compare their behavior in relation to each other depending on the horizon and soil type. For this purpose it is important to determine the forms of these elements, their connection with various soil components, as well as to give a quantitative description of this or that fraction. One of the perspective methods of studying forms of microelements in soil is a method of sequential extractions, allowing to fractionate various compounds.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Ivan Matychenkov, D. V. Ladonin, М. S. Rozanova
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76,93 S$
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soils, forest, microelements

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