Copertina di Metal complexes as antimicrobial agents and in biomimetics
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Metal complexes as antimicrobial agents and in biomimetics

In vitro antimicrobial activities and biomimetics of dinuclear metal complexes

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (14.09.2010 )

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The metal-sulfur entities perform an unprecedented role in biological systems. Comprehension of their diversity in structure and function is indispensable in the realm of drug design and biomimetics. The present text embodies an interdisciplinary approach to the design, synthesis and applications of some metal complexes. It offers an overview of synthesis of binucleating ‘Robson-type'' SNONS donor ligands, their transition metal complexes and a descriptive analytical, spectroscopic, magnetic, electrochemical characterizations. These novel molecules were capitalized for in vitro antimicrobial activities due to their topological resemblance to some known pharmacophores. Among the designed sulfur donor ligands, thiohydrazones and thiocarbohydrazones show exceptional fungistatic potentials. Also at appropriate places in the text the unique properties of these ‘synthetic analogs'' were compared with that of a known metalloprotein. The meticulous organic synthesis, the bifunctionalities of molecules and a section on relatively less explored thiohydrazones should offer plethora of innovative ideas for researchers working in fine chemicals and bioinorganic chemistry.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Anil Damodar Naik
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Chimica inorganica
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Thiosemicarbazone, mercaptotriazole, thiohydrazone, thiocarbohydrazone, metalloproteins, biomimetics, synthetic analog, antiferromagnetic coupling, antimicrobial activities, Robson-type ligand

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