Copertina di Marketing communication and organizational performance
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Marketing communication and organizational performance

Companies: what relationship?

Our Knowledge Publishing (25.11.2021 )

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The company is an essential agent on the economic level, whose general interest reflects not only on the commercial level but also that of the consumer. As it plays a very important role on the national and global economy, it emphasizes the choice of the product. The purpose of a company is to manufacture and distribute products to its customers in a way, to obtain a profit to effectively manage these processes of manufacture and distribution, it is necessary to perceive the elements of industrial and logistic nature that characterize a product. Communication is the action of establishing a relationship with others, to transmit something to someone. It can also designate the whole of the means and techniques allowing the broadcasting of a message to a more or less vast audience, or the action for somebody, or an organization to inform and to promote its activity to others to maintain its image by any media process. In the case of a company, the communication becomes an action aiming at informing and promoting the activity of this one near the public, to maintain its image through a process.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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A. Y. Romaric Dasse ZOKOU
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Pubblicità, Marketing
39,90 €
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Company, Business, economy, TRADE, communication

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