Copertina di Introduction to computer networking
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Introduction to computer networking

Computer Networking

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (17.11.2012 )

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In recent times, the world has witnessed a rapid increase in technological innovations. This era ushered in the advent of the electronic computer system among other modern technologies. At present the computer technology has permeated nearly all aspects of human organizational roles and education. Computer networking is one of the new innovations in technology, the objective of any computer network is to allow multiple computers to communicate with one another.This type of communication can be as varied as the type of conversations you might have throughout the course of a day. When computers are networked, each computer can make its resources available to other computers in the network. Instead of working in isolation as you do on a single computer that is not connected to a network, you can work collectively, within a system that shares resources among a group of computer users. If you already have access to the Internet from one computer on your network, you can share that Internet connection with other computers on the network. Then all the computers on your network can browse the Web at the same time, using this single Internet connection.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Torruam Japheth Terande
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Computer Networking

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