Copertina di Integration of Instructional Technology in Zimbabwe, Sub-Sahara Africa
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Integration of Instructional Technology in Zimbabwe, Sub-Sahara Africa

Conceptualization, Integration and Constraints

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (05.04.2009 )

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Continuous innovations in instructional technologies (ITs) are having an impact on teaching and learning in today’s classroom. The merging of Internet-based technologies into the multi- and hyper-media capability of the computer has changed the way educators and students inquire, communicate and construct knowledge. However, there is little published literature on the integration of these ITs in Zimbabwe and Sub-Sahara Africa. This book is part of the genesis of IT research in the region, and examines the integration of IT in Zimbabwe. Conceptualization of IT is largely as hardware in nature and from a narrow systems view, and integration was at the Entry and Adoption stages. Constraints ranged from poor availability and access to technological tools and lack of funding, to the absence of an IT integration policy framework, and lack of appropriate initial and continuous staff development. Insights gleaned should be useful to policymakers, professionals, practitioners and scholars interested in IT integration in Zimbabwe and the region. From a global perspective, this book will add to the limited knowledge and literature on IT integration in “developing” and/or low-income countries.
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VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Rodwell Chitiyo
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instructional, educational, technology, conceptualization, Integration, Constraints, teacher-education, Policy, Zimbabwe, Africa

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