Copertina di Gender violence from a sociojuridical perspective
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Gender violence from a sociojuridical perspective

The treatment of the oppressor as a form of protection for women

Our Knowledge Publishing (14.03.2021 )

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Violence against women is a social phenomenon that has historical, cultural, subjective, and social dimensions that directly affect the legal field and the entire collectivity. For Hannah Arendt (2009), violence is the most evident materialization of power over others. Therefore, to avoid and fight it, it is essential to know the prisms and causes of violence against women, in order to protect the right to life and personal integrity. The construction of patriarchy abhors the fight for women's rights, because it identifies generational patterns to be socially fulfilled, which denote in the figure of the man the center of oppression against the woman. In this scenario, it is observed that despite the evident legislative and public policy achievements in favor of women, they are still insufficient for the preservation of human dignity. For this reason, in this book, the author proposes new dialogues for the confrontation of gender violence, from a sociological and juridical analysis, with the objective of dissipating the problem by its root: the emphatic male chauvinism. Being a woman is a gift of life, but why do they take it away for so little? For every tear there is a hope!
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Karen Gonçalves Fernandes
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Diritto penale, diritto del processo penale, criminologia
39,90 €
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Gender Violence, Dignity of the human person, Intersectionality, Social normative effectiveness, Human rights of women, Education and restorative justice

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