Copertina di Formulation and Evaluation of Oral Film of Atenolol and Amlodipine
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Formulation and Evaluation of Oral Film of Atenolol and Amlodipine

Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Oral Film of Combined Drug Atenolol 25mg and Amlodipine 2.5mg

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (28.11.2016 )

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Intake of traditional oral medicines especially among the geriatrics, pediatrics, and dysphasic patients is a difficult phenomenon. In line with the technological development, pharmaceutical researches are now focused into development of novel drug delivery systems.The evolution of existing drugs from its traditional form to novel drug delivery system has considerably improved its performance in terms of efficacy, safety and patient compliance. Fast dissolving oral film is one of such novel drug delivery system which provides a convenient means for administration of drug. This book is based on the experimental research and insights on the formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving oral films. Solvent Casting method is used to prepare the fast dissolving oral films and various analytical parameters are evaluated.The methodologies, procedures and analysis on this book illustrates ideas on preparation and evaluation of fast dissolving oral films. I hope this book will be useful to the,manufacturers and researchers aspiring to work on the further development of the novel drug delivery system in the form of fast dissolving oral films.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Mukem Bhattarai, Amit Kumar Gupta
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35,90 €
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solvent casting, Fast dissolving Oral Drug Delivery, dysphasic, film forming polymer

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