Copertina di Evaluation of teachers' work in gender-equitable practice
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Evaluation of teachers' work in gender-equitable practice

in early childhood education

Our Knowledge Publishing (11.06.2021 )

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We can and must transform education. This is the question that many educational institutions ask themselves, they are aware of it, but they do not know how to do it. This is how this work arises and is shaped by the different way in which its authors see the reality of education, a reality that today, in its progressive complexity, requires a deeper and more innovative look. The incorporation of women into the labour market increases the coverage of early education and immediately places the responsibility for the comprehensive training of these children on educational institutions (Camacho Brown & Watson Soto, 2007). Being responsible for contributing to the development of cognitive, emotional and social skills of infants. It is a book that should be read with pencil in hand, because it will allow us to reflect on the educational practice in the classroom when talking about gender, in order to aim for a more just society, favoring the opportunity of equality for men and women, being aware that little has been achieved to break definitively with inequality, which is still present today.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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García Chicaiza Ruth Cecilia, Pozo Potosi Andrea Elizabeth
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39,90 €
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Education, teacher, Early Childhood Education

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