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Customer Loyalty and Retention for High Tech Product

Customer Retention and loyalty for High Tech Product: An Original Reference Textbook in Information Technology

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (18.05.2013 )

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Internet and the market based on this new product and service has penetrated in all aspects of today’s modern life of human being. After invention of this market each day a new innovation revolutionized this market and industry. High speed internet based on ADSL technology was one of these innovations. The high-speed internet service has achieved a remarkable increase in penetration in recent years. In order to survive in this competitive market, companies should continue to improve their service performance. The high level of service performance is believed to be an effective way to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In recent years, the high-speed internet service, based on the ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber lines) or VDSL (very high speed digital subscriber lines) technology, has achieved a remarkable increase in penetration. Sooner or later, every consumer comes face to face with the decision of choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The concept of satisfaction and loyalty in each industry is important. It is because the more satisfied and loyal customers you have the more successful business you experience.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Alireza Miremadi, Ali Beheshtinejad
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87,29 S$
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customer loyalty, Customer Retention, ADSL Technology, Customer satisfaction, PAP

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