Copertina di CSR and Corporate Branding
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CSR and Corporate Branding

Corporate branding, CSR, Stakeholder, Estee Lauder Company

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (20.10.2011 )

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Due to the intensive competitions in the global market, the modern corporations are always pursuit of the ways to be different from others. And moreover, the ethical behavior of the corporations is becoming one of the most important concerns by the consumers. The corporate branding is becoming the way which the corporations are seeking for differentiation themselves among the intensive competition. Corporate Social Responsibility is the need of building up the corporate branding to ethically take care of the decision-changing of the stakeholders. This book provides a new perspective dealing with the relationship between the corporate branding and CSR and taking Estee Lauder Company as a case to analyze How CSR improves the corporate branding of Estee Lauder. The analysis bases on the theories of Corporate Branding, CSR, Freeman's Stakeholder approach and Johanna's framework for analysis CSR issues in stakeholder relation. The book could help the modern international corporations for seeking a way to seize the competitive advantages and could also help the scholars and students major in Business studies, or anyone who are interested in further studying corporate branding and CSR.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Jing Li, Yang Yang Sun
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1.735,09 NT$
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CSR, Corporate Branding

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