Copertina di Agrarian Self-Satisfaction Measures in Venezuela
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Agrarian Self-Satisfaction Measures in Venezuela

Agrarian Law Responses in Global Constitutionalism

Our Knowledge Publishing (13.05.2022 )

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The Agrarian Law is subject to give current answers, since, by means of human intervention, transformations and imbalances on agrarian and environmental goods are manifested. The proceduralism of the 21st century reveals special interest to achieve in a real and plausible way, to guarantee and fulfill universal values, among them peace, solidarity, social justice and integral development. Human Rights are irreplaceable, at the same time that they attend in an immediate way to fulfill proposals of the international community, and from a context of "imperious urgency", they lead to the evolutionary process in the juridical institutions, to have tools that assure democratic systems of general interests, since their capacity to make fundamental rights effective,structured in a common language of interests and of universal character, is achievable from a legal indication by means of the self-satisfactory measures, since they synthesize the conduct that is irreducibly desired, without contradiction with constitutional and supra-constitutional postulates, in favor of all forms of life, under a reasoned approach from the globalized constitutionalism.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Daniel Ernesto Graterol Torres
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60,90 €
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self-satisfactory measures, agrarian and environmental self-satisfactory measures, agrarian law and global constitutionalism, agrarian law and supraconstitutionality, agrarian law and human rights, environmental law and human rights

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