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A Virtual / Augmented Reality System with Kinaesthetic Feedback

Virtual Environment with Force Feedback System

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (12.06.2012 )

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Virtual reality (VR) technology enables humans to visually observe and interact with computer generated virtual environments (VE), which simulate physical or imaginary surroundings, primarily for the purpose of permitting the user to ‘feel’ an integral part of the VE. The user’s perception of how ‘natural’ their interaction is with the VE depends very much on the quality of the visual representation of the virtual scene, and whether they are provided with sufficient feedback information to allow them to become ‘immersed’ in the virtual world that surrounds them. Whilst the importance of high-quality computer generated graphics is well recognised as a primary requirement, it is nevertheless accepted that the user’s level of ‘presence’ can be further increased if they are able to ‘physically’ interact with objects within the environment. The augmentation of this kinaesthetic feedback communicates the sense of ‘feel’ and touch to the user, and in so doing is able to enhance their overall sense of presence. Kinaesthetic feedback is considered an intrinsic requirement for human perception, and is a key component of the visual feedback system.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Abdouslam Bashir Arieda
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79,00 €
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Augmented Reality, Virtual Environment, Mechatronics, haptic / Kinaesthetic feedback system, manufacturing and control

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