Copertina di A Film Marketing Action Plan for Film Induced Tourism Destinations
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A Film Marketing Action Plan for Film Induced Tourism Destinations

Using Yorkshire as a case study

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (12.10.2009 )

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This book examines the impact of film induced tourism and destination branding on locations featured in popular films and television series. Yorkshire was selected as the case study area, as it has been the film location for many popular television series. The need for a thorough investigation into the film induced tourism phenomenon was particularly evident from the literature review undertaken. In response to this gap, a two phased approach was adopted; the first involved a tourist survey regarding the film induced tourist, while the second phase consisted of strategic conversations with the key stakeholders behind the Yorkshire brand. The issues evolving from these and also the literature review, highlight a number of implications for the future development of such destinations. These issues also facilitated the creation of the Film Marketing Action Plan, as it has become apparent that most of the film induced tourism models investigated were inadequate in explaining the relationship between film induced tourism and destination branding. Thus, a new model that is more reflective of the process was developed.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Dr. Noëlle O''Connor, Dr Sheila Flanagan, Prof. David Gilbert
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Pubblicità, Marketing
79,00 €
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Yorkshire, Tourism, Film, Media, Marketing, Stakeholder

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