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A Case Study in Customer Perception

Formulating a Marketing Strategy using the Grounded Theory Research Methodology

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (22.06.2012 )

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Independent businesses in today’s market are constantly pressured to offer consumers the same value for products at competitive prices, as the large affiliates do. However, these businesses lack the necessary resources and economies of scale needed to achieve this. There is then a struggle to retain customers and gain loyalty. Due to the declining customer base, it is therefore necessary for such independent businesses to have strategies in place, and such that are specific in nature to the situation happening in that business. This study is done using a case- study of one of such businesses, The Alpha garden centre. It utilised the grounded theory research method in order to find customers perception of the organization, in other to recommend an effective marketing strategy to further the growth of its business. It was discovered that paramount amongst the customers’ perception was the ‘dissatisfaction’ due to inadequate plant level and stock variety. After an in-depth analysis, it was proposed that Alpha garden centre focus on providing the basic requirement for its current customers, in an effort to retain them.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Cassandra Olumese
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Pubblicità, Marketing
49,00 €
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Grounded Theory, consumer behaviour, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Perception

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