Copertina di 3D Visualization of Solar Magnetic Loops
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3D Visualization of Solar Magnetic Loops

Automated Computer-Based Processing Of Satellite Images For 3D Synoptic Modeling Of Solar Magnetic Loops

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (16.11.2013 )

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There are many different solar activities that may highly and unexpectedly impact our daily life. It is believed that the solar magnetic dynamic activity is almost the main driver of these activities. Establishing a novel, fully-automated, 3-D geometrical-based visualization system to help researchers to develop better understanding about the connectivity, structure and distribution of the solar magnetic loops is the main goal of the tools developed in this book. This system includes three novel fully-automated tools: 1) a tool to create high resolution and accurate magnetogram Carrington synoptic maps using the 2-D solar magnetogram images provided by NASA satellites, 2) an algorithm that can optimize the association of the different polarity magnetic footprints detected in the constructed Carrington maps, 3) a tool to process the created Carrington maps to 3-D model and visualize the magnetic loops structure. The developed system can be extended to model different solar feature’s from different wavelength images in a common visualisation environment using 3-D models, and hence saves the time that could be otherwise wasted on investigating different individual types of 2-D images.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Sofyan M. A. Hayajneh, Rami Qahwaji, Tufan Colak
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Informatica, Elaborazione elettronica dati
71,90 €
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3D modelling, visualization, Computer Vision, active regions, Automated systems, System Optimisation, Solar Satellite Images, Synoptic Maps, Nearest Neighbour Search NNS, K-D tree., image processing

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