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Born to be Great

You are born to reign in dominion and power

Blessed Hope Publishing (2017-04-10 )

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It doesn’t matter what you think about yourself or what people say about you. What matters is what God says about you. Are you poor and think you can never be rich? Are you still living in sin and think you can never be set free? Or you are sick and feel you can never be delivered. Or are you possess with some evil powers and you feel you can never regain your freedom? Or you don’t even know who you are or what’s happening around you? Do you also look down on yourself? Or think you can never be anything in life? There is something inside of you the living God who created you deposited in you and Satan never wants you to find out! Now listen, I got good news for you! The right knowledge is all you need for your freedom. You were never born to suffer but to live in abundance of financial wealth, physical wealth, spiritual wealth etc. Information is power. If you don’t know how, you will never become great. The contents of this revealing book will open your eyes to see the master plan of God for your life right from the beginning of your birth. This book is a must read and undoubtedly a life changer. Remember, you can do great things only with the right information!
Publishing house:
Blessed Hope Publishing
By (author) :
Emmanuel Abraham
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19.80 €
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