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What? When? Why? You should not eat!

TO THE ATTENTION OF PEOPLE who paid and continue to pay by health for food, including my family and friends

Drugoe Reshenie (18-04-2018 )

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The book is intended for everyone: young and old, fat and thin, sick and healthy, professionals, amateurs, ignorant, and doctors. Unfortunately, awareness of the importance of healthy food came to me only in adulthood, although, on the other hand, it is good that it came ... Healthy people are now in the trend. However, on the way to achieve good health has grown tall and strong wall of the common myths about what is good and what is bad. Society does not imagine how much idea of proper food is far from the reality, what a fantastic perspective regarding health is hidden. It turned out that the question of proper food is the most difficult of everything created by people - rocket, internet, nuclear energy – because still it is not resolved. Modern people, especially with access to Internet are unable to understand lots of information. For detailed analysis is required time, skill and experience. In addition, advertising and marketing lead us into the world of commerce, which almost is not related with health care. Many of us do not have any idea about healthy food. Principles of food are very simple, they were developed not by luminaries of science, by nature.
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Drugoe Reshenie
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Victor Bogatyr
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Nourriture et boissons
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Breakfast, diet, food, fruits, Health, nutrition, Vegetables, Vitamins, water, nutriment, aliment, health starvation, food culture, drink, greenery, dinner, vegetarian

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