Couverture de Perception of Media Service Buyers on FM Radios: A CBBE Approach
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Perception of Media Service Buyers on FM Radios: A CBBE Approach

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (26-06-2014 )

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In today’s competitive business environment, billions of new products, services and ideas are being introduced to the market continuously. Increased competition, significant operational complexity and volatility of demand are among the key features of the current business environment. With the advent of so many advertising agencies and media channels as well as arrival of billions of products, services and ideas, satisfying the needs of the customer is very crucial to get and maintain a competitive advantage. Media have a profound impact on markets and societies through their ability to inform, educate, influence and entertain. Through their own content and the advertising they carry, they have a pervasive influence on global patterns of consumption. Brand management has become a crucial issue for the marketing of media brands. In today’s competitive and fragmented media industry, it is crucial to establish and exploit strong brand equity to enhance the relationship of the media to its audiences and media service buyers. The brand equity built between a medium and its media service buyers will effectively have an impact on its perceived usefulness as an advertising medium.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Getahun Tima
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Publicité, Marketing
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Brand Loyalty, Brand, Brand Equity, Brand Association, Customer-Based Brand Equity, Media Service Buyers, Brand Awareness

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