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Little Prophets

The scientific linear explanation of the Bible

Our Knowledge Publishing (26-07-2020 )

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He worked as a teacher in secondary schools, higher education institutions and edited newspapers: Osiya, Joel, Amos, Avdiy, Jonah, Micah, Naum, Awvakum, Sophonia, Aggei, Zakhariah, Malachi, are so named because of the small volume of books named after them. They were people hypnotized by the priests of Judaism, they "broadcast" only what is beneficial to the priests, namely, to bring back the "lost sheep" - the children of Israel - into the bosom of Judaism, to fight against other competing cults, to support the "right" kings, that is, those who strengthened faith in the religion of Yahweh. All these priests were "fed" by this faith. It seemed to the prophets that through them the Lord (Lord God) himself declared his predictions. The "Word of God" is the speech of a hypnotist priests who inspired the "chosen" with what is beneficial to the Jewish priests. Yahweh still retains many features of the national god of Israel. His favorite place of residence and cult is still Mount Zion and the city of Jerusalem. From there, Yahweh will be sent out to punish those who have sinned against him. It's a complete analogy with a vengeful man. That is, it was not God who created the world in his own image, but man himself who created the "divine" world in his own imagination by analogy with his own life.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Andrey Tikhomirov
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Awwakum, the Bible, the Old Testament, the Prophets, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Avdius, Jonah, Micah, Naum, Sophonia, Aghgea, Zechariah, Malachi...

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