Couverture de Comparative study on lateral load analysis by BNBC-1993 and BNBC-2010
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Comparative study on lateral load analysis by BNBC-1993 and BNBC-2010

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (27-04-2020 )

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The construction industry is fast changing due to continuing invention of new technologies, construction equipments and materials. To keep pace with the advancement of technology it is required for the codes to be updated on a regular basis. Initiative has been taken to update BNBC 1993 and a draft copy has already been prepared. Significant changes have been introduced in BNBC 2010 with regard to analysis for lateral load loads. To identify the change in design and analysis of various structures a comparative study is necessary to relook at the provisions of the present code and look for the feasibility of any change of the recent upgrading code. This study aims at the comparison of provisions of wind and earthquake analysis given in existing BNBC 1993 to that in proposed BNBC 2010. The designers who use BNBC 1993 as their basis to calculate the design wind load, this comparative study will provide them with a relation showing percent increase or decrease of design wind load in the new code with respect to the old one. This will help those designers to avoid the complex calculation as well as to cope with the new design methods.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Faria Shanjana Imam, Saimah Tahsin
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Technique du bâtiment et d'environnement
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inter storey drift, maximum lateral displacement, maximum reinforcement requirement, seismic base shear, wind analysis, earthquake analysis

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