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Omni badge Catherine Trotter Cockburn

Roman Catholicism, Aphra Behn, William Congreve, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke, Abjuration

General and comparative literature science

Aud Publishing (2010-12-20) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91780-3

29.00 €
Omni badge Henry Neville (Politician)

Henry Neville (Politician), Politician, Diplomat, Courtier, William Shakespeare, Shakespeare authorship question

Political science

Aud Publishing (2010-12-20) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91785-8

39.00 €
Omni badge Marita Bonner

Essay, Playwright, Harlem Renaissance, African American, African American culture, African American history

General and comparative literature science

Aud Publishing (2010-12-20) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91809-1

34.00 €
Omni badge Daniel Sepulveda

Pittsburgh Steelers, National Football League, 2007 NFL Draft, College football, Ray Guy Award


Aud Publishing (2010-12-20) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91693-6

39.00 €
Omni badge George Lawrence Price

George Lawrence Price, Soldier, World War I, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Conscription Crisis of 1917

Modern age until 1918

Aud Publishing (2010-12-19) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91293-8

34.00 €
Omni badge Dharamvir Bharati

Shyam Benegal, Metafiction, Manik Mulla, Malay Roy Choudhury, Gunaho Ka Devta

General and comparative literature science

Aud Publishing (2010-12-19) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91311-9

29.00 €
Omni badge Henry James Byron

Dramatist, Marie Wilton, 6th Baron Byron, Middle Temple, T. W. Robertson, Extravaganza, Burlesque (genre)

Theatre, ballet

Aud Publishing (2010-12-19) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91327-0

45.00 €
Omni badge Battle of al-Harrah

Battle of al-Harrah, Medina, Yazid I, Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr, Sahabah, Husayn ibn Ali, Battle of Karbala

The Middle Ages

Aud Publishing (2010-12-19) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91376-8

34.00 €
Omni badge George Farquhar

Dramatist, Restoration comedy, The Recruiting Officer, The Beaux' Stratagem, Sizar, Robert Wilks, Macbeth

Theatre, ballet

Aud Publishing (2010-12-19) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91430-7

34.00 €
Omni badge Jarett Dillard

American football, Wide receiver, College football, All-America, Touchdown, New Orleans Bowl, Jacksonville Jaguars


Aud Publishing (2010-12-19) - ISBN-13: 978-613-4-91441-3

39.00 €

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