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Omni badge Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) Technique

Principles, the typically used methods,classification and applications


Scholars' Press (06-03-2013) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-51249-6

49.00 €
Omni badge Luminescence spectroscopy of lanthanides

Optical properties of lanthanide-doped oxide materials

Physique, Astronomie

Scholars' Press (05-03-2013) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-51236-6

68.00 €
Omni badge Change Management in Different Cultures

India, China and Estonia


Scholars' Press (05-03-2013) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-51048-5

49.00 €
Omni badge Antarctica

A Planet Of The Planet


Scholars' Press (05-03-2013) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-51212-0

49.00 €
Omni badge Symbiotic Efficiency of Bradyrhizobium japonicum Strains For Soybean

Need of Biofertilizers; specially Bradyrhizobium japonicum


Scholars' Press (05-03-2013) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-51183-3

49.00 €
Omni badge Modeling Multi-period Corporate Defaults

Macro, Contagion and Frailty Effects in Default Clustering


Scholars' Press (01-03-2013) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-51227-4

49.00 €

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